And READ… you should.

If there is anything we have learned in our time on this earth is that education and information are the only things that will move you forward.

One of the most mysterious topics of all time is REAL ESTATE!! They don’t teach it in school. Yet it is practically the number on topic of conversation in almost any capacity and it involves one of, if not THE most important experience(s) or transaction(s) of your entire LIFE!

We go at it blindly. Assuming we have an idea of how it all goes down and then WHAMMO…. real estate reality hits us square in the face. You had no idea that was involved. Or you had no idea this would cost that much. You didn’t think that was important… and so the story goes.


Who the HECK doesn’t love to talk Real Estate??!!


So there you have it… LondonOntarioRealEstateBlog¬† in it’s most simple form.

We should also add that we are professionals. This information  is not just mumbo jumbo. It is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and education.

It’s LOCAL, (#ldnont)..well most of it, INFORMATIVE and pretty doggone interesting… so have a look around and COME BACK OFTEN, as we will be continuously pouring our brains out. Right here. Just. For. You.

So.. if you are what you read… and you should read (and re-read) all of this. Then you are pretty dang¬† AMAZING!

Thanks for coming by!!

Keep up to date and in “the know” with us.



(your new BFF 4Eva)

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